Trek'n Eat

Trek’n Eat is unique freeze-dried foods that can be prepared with water. Perfect for your ready made meals when travelling, on expedition, while boating, and even on family outings. The Trek‘n Eat product range consists of complete
meals, vegetarian meals, soups, vegetables and other diverse nutritional items from breakfast to dessert. Trek’n Eat meals are simple to prepare: open resealable standing pouch, add boiling water, stir, leave to soak for 8 – 10 minutes and the meal is ready.

Freeze-drying removes all water from the Trek’n Eat ingredients without destroying important vitamins and minerals. This makes the meals extremely light and they can be preserved for years. Trek’n Eat dishes meet the requirements for a balanced nutritional diet. The meals contain neither preservatives nor added taste enhancers. They are based on a value of about 600 calories per package to cover the increased energy consumption during sports activities. The light weight, simple preparation and fuel savings have caused mountain climbers, expeditions and trekkers to embrace Trek‘n Eat freeze-dried foods. They are quickly becoming a part of all outdoor activities. All Trek’n Eat products have a shelf life of three years.

Trek‘n Eat meals are used as specialty food on numerous expeditions (e.g. Arved Fuchs/Northeast Passage, Robert Peroni/Greenland), during which they have proven their worth over and over again.

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