LRA Long Range Tank to fit Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series (Main Replacement)

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LRA Long Range Tank to fit Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series (Main Replacement)

Long Range Automotive (LRA) use the latest technology to design the most suitable shape for a specific vehicle. Precision CAD/CAM drawings are produced for all tanks to ensure they fit properly into the selected location. LRA use a Farley computer controlled plasma profile cutting system. With this they ensure accuracy, providing every customer with a high quality, precision made fuel tank.

All welds are full penetration corner to corner MIG welded, using a high quality inert shielding gas and level layer wound MIG wire to ensure good welding penetration and exclusion of porosity in the weld. Tanks are fully internally baffled and an expansion chamber is incorporated in the design of the tank. All tanks are pressure tested and checked by two separate quality control procedures.

LRA use only top quality materials to build their tanks: 2mm (14 Gauge) T125CQ Aluminized sheet steel, brass threaded hose barb fittings, stainless steel hose clamps and high tensile bolts with nyloc nuts.

LRA tanks are shipped with ALL required hardware (unless stated), and include such items as filler points or gauges where the item does not already exist on the vehicle. Tanks are also shipped with extensive fitting instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How does the fuel gauge work?
A: The fuel gauge will work in the same way as your original fuel gauge does. The gauge will take slightly longer to display that the tank is starting to be depleted (when the tank is full), due to the extra fuel above the float arm. The gauge will take much longer to reach empty, due to the extra fuel capacity. The gauge will accurately reflect the remaining fuel in the tank.

Q: How low does the tank hang, or Does the tank hang lower than standard?
A: In most cases, the tank will only protrude past the chassis by 10mm or so. LRA build their tanks for 4WDs, and keep ground clearance, approach and departure angles in mind when designing their tanks. Rather than build their tanks downwards, LRA build their tanks upwards and outwards, ensuring that the new tank doesn't affect ground clearance. Even with an LRA tank installed, there will always be a point of the vehicle that is exposed more than the tank.

Q: Will my trip computer still calculate remaining kilometers?
A: No. The trip computer is tied in with the ECU of your vehicle, which "knows" the capacity of the fuel tank. Currently, there is no workaround or re-programming that can inform the computer of the capacity of the new tank.

Fuel Tank Specifications
Tank Capacity    145L
Fuel Type           Diesel & Petrol
Tank Location     Passenger Side Middle
Filler Point         Standard
Notes                Specify Diesel or Petrol. Specify Auto or Manual. Will Not Suit 3F Motor (FJ80)

Freight Notice
These tanks are made to order in Australia and we have a limited UK stock, please contact us before ordering.

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