Alu-Cab Shadow Awn



The Alu-Cab Shadow-Awn is a 270° awning that was build stronger, lighter and easier to handle than all the other awnings on the market. The best materials where chosen to produce this awning so that it would be fast to set up, easy to use and enjoy as well as fast to pull down and keep traveling.

Once open this awning covers an area of 10 m². One side and the rear of the vehicle are covered by the awning and protected from sun or rain.

You literally sip this Shadow-Awn out of its bag, run it around the car to 270°, clip it up and the awning is there. Flick up a center post to give the material a bit more of strength and drain the rain and that’s it, drop down, you´ve got the shade.

There is one pole for those really adverse conditions when the wind is pumping, like the winds one gets down at the Cape in South Africa. This pole only gives a bit of added strength. The Alu-Cab Shadow-Awn does not need the pole. It can perfectly stand well without.

For really strong winds there are straps inserted into each pole. The pegs are kept in a permanent pouch attached to the awning cover. So the poles can easily be tight down.

To fold the Alu-Cab Shadow-Awn up you only need to release the tie, run the awning back in and roll up the skirt. It fits into its bag easily, it`s easy to pack away, it’s just a pleasure to have.


The Fabric for the Shadow-Awn 270° awning is imported from Europe. It’s a Tencate® Aluminized Acrylic Fabric with the strength of 270 GSM (Grams per Square meter). This material out stands other materials in that it is strong yet lightweight, it is easy to stretch out and provides ample shade and protection. Additional to all this features, the Material used by Alu-Cab in the 270° Shadow-Awn is Aluminized, which means that it reflects the light of the sun and keeps temperatures about 5 degrees lower than under non-aluminized materials.

The three awning arms are made from boxed tube aluminum which gives it great extra strength without adding weight.

All the mounting and hinge points are made from solid stainless steel for ultimate strength and longevity. The hinge points have Nylon bushes and 5 mm stainless steel brackets. Awning arms made from boxed Aluminium (which gives great strength without adding major weight) and reflective fabric imported from Germany. No bearings are used in this 270° Awning.

This Awning is mounted either to an Alu-Cab Roof Rack or a Front Runner Roof Rack. Brackets for both options are available.

Unit size length close - 2600 mm

Area covered - 10 m²

Weight - 24 kg


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