ARB Awning Mosquito Net

 ARB Awning Mosquito Net

This optional mosquito net allows you to make an enclosed bug-free room under your awning. Terrific when the mosquitos are relentless or you'd just like to keep the insects off your dinner.

As part of ARB's new and exciting touring and camping range, the attraction of heading out 4WDing into the unknown is kept alive whilst providing you with the shelter and comfort you crave.

So whether its a family camping weekend away or your taking your vehicle on a planned offroad expedition, as it has been developed by ARB, you can rest assured that your product is made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, for reliability when you need it most.

The ARB Mosquito Net for ARB Awning 2500 (ARB3109) allows any 4WD owner with an ARB Awning 2500 to create an enclosed room that is insect-free. Ideal for camping, touring or for off-road excursions, users can enjoy the shade and protection of an ARB Awning with the added benefit of a net to protect from insect bites.

  • Strong and durable design
  • Provides a comfortable space to eat and relax
  • Easy to assemble
  • Manufactured from lightweight 48gsm midge proof mesh
  • Designed to suit 2500 and 2000mm ARB awnings
  • Hardened steel pegs are supplied to firmly anchor the room to the ground via adjustable tension straps.

To see a video of the ARB awning, click HERE

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