BlidimaX® for HiLux

BlidimaX® for HiLux

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BlidimaX® – The window screen for ambitious people
Developed by experienced outdoor professionals, BlidimaX® stands for highest quality in every detail.

High quality materials and thorough manufacturing
Your BlidimaX® Thermo protection screen is made accurately, fitting your vehicle's windows using only high quality materials.

Strong effect through eight special layers
BlidimaX® is made up of eight layers including fabric reinforcing aluminium compound foil, fleece, additional aluminium foil in the kernel and different layers of foam and spunbond Polypropylene as decorative inner edge.

Cold - and Heat insulation
The combination of layers insulates against heat from sun and against the cold and provides a constant temperature in your vehicle.

Certified UV protection
Hohenstein Institute confirms the high thermo protection properties and awarded BlidimaX® a sun protection factor of SPF 50+ which means 'very high'.

Perfectly shields from outside view through exact fitting measures
The individual and exact layout of BlidimaX® for your vehicle's windows provides you with perfect protection from an outside standing person's view.

Comfortable atmosphere inside your vehicle
The pleasant inner side of the screen made from spun-bounded fabric gives your vehicle's inside a warm and cozy atmosphere and enhances the acoustics.

Shape retaining and long lasting
The Material is extremely stable in its shape due to the fabric reinforcing aluminium compound foil, and will fit just like it did on the very first day a couple of years down the road.

Extra strong suction cups
Suction cups from BlidimaX have superior longevity and are produced especially for the high standards of outdoor enthusiasts.

Robust, functional, rustproof
The Thermo Protection screen is through and through functional, robust and matches the expectations of campers and outdoor fans. It is abrasion proof and scrub resistant. Lugs and rings are made from rust-proof steel (v2A).

Sturdy design with large colour selection
You can individualize your BlidimaX design to match your vehicle's interior, choosing from a wide palette of colors and seam colours – with up to 20 colour combinations.

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