BOSS "Billy Boss" Portable Folding Campfire Tripod

BOSS "Billy Boss" Portable Folding Campfire Tripod

If you're a Jolly Swagman looking for a way to boil your billy, then you need to check out the BOSS Billy Boss...

The BOSS Billy Boss is a portable and adjustable folding campfire tripod, utilising a simple yet effective design. Proudly made in Australia by FNB 4WD Supplies, this portable tripod is ready to use in seconds, and folds up for easy storage. The Billy Boss even comes with its' own compact storage tube.

While most campfire tripods use a loose chain or cable to support your billy or camp oven and allow the suspended item to "sway", the Billy Boss features a solid rod and hook to hold your billy or camp oven securely. Our unique rod and hook system is also quickly and easily height adjustable.

The simplicity of the Billy Boss is fantastic - it's made from one piece, and has no components that are going to fall apart or fail. The tripod legs are permanently attached, as is the billy holder, so you can never forget bits.


Adjustable Height
Easily adjust the height that your billy or camp oven sits above your campfire, and ensure that it stays where you want it to with the Billy Boss's simple locking system.
With this system, you're also able to control the temperature of what you're cooking - whether you want all-out heat right down in the coals of your fire, or you simply want to keep the contents of your camp oven or billy warm, at full extension of the Billy Boss.

Look, No Chains
The Billy Boss incorporates a unique single-piece hook system to suspend your camp oven or billy, rather than a chain or cable. This adds stability, and reduces overall sway, making the Billy Boss the safest campfire tripod available. The height of this hook is adjustable, lowering or raising your camp oven or billy above the campfire.

Compact, Fold-up Design
The Billy Boss features an easy to use, compact fold-up design, so you can easily stow it away in your vehicle. There's no "pieces" - the whole Billy Boss is constructed from one piece, so you won't lose anything.

The Billy Boss is also supplied with it's own PVC storage tube, so you won't get soot or ash inside your vehicle.

Once you're finished with the Billy Boss (and have let it cool down - never handle the Billy Boss while it's hot), simply fold it up, and place it back in it's storage tube. How easy is that...?

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